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July 10, 2013 / Palmers_Zen

Glass Shower Screens Sydney to Add a Touch of Glamour to Your Most Private Space

Do you want to know the top reasons why you should switch to installing glass shower screens Sydney? One of the best rationales here is that these shower screens, especially the frameless types do not make use of frames that are susceptible to rusting or rotting.

Frameless glass shower screens are fast taking the place of sliding shower doors and other traditional shower door types in modern homes because the material offer more visual space therefore will not only make the bathroom look and feel bigger but is very ideal to use in homes with small spaces and small bathrooms. Frameless glass doors feature clean and invisible lines thus tote up a contemporary touch to any type of bathrooms. Frameless shower screens come in a wide variety of looks and forms, so you can easily find one that best suits your bathroom’s décor requirements, allowing you to insert that unparalleled charm and elegance to your very own personal space.

Glass Shower Screens 4

Compared to framed doors and shower screens that are heavy and bulky, glass shower screens are lightweight and slim. Maintaining framed doors are really a challenge for anyone because soap scum, dirt and dust pile up all over the edges as well as underneath the door’s frame making it really time consuming and quite difficult to clean. Since frameless shower screen is just one large sheet, you can quickly and easily clean it using just soap and water. Glass permit light to come in from the outside, so you get to save on your electricity cost since you are able to minimize the need for artificial lighting.

If you are one of those homeowners with fine tastes then you definitely would want to make your bathroom stylish and trendy by installing glass shower screens. Savvy property-owners and shoppers choose comfort style even when building and decorating their bathrooms because this area is an essential part of every home. Find a glass company that would also provide you the best value for your money and one that’s expert in glass installations. Glass materials may appear too fragile, but they are strong, sturdy and most of all, they don’t get spoilt quiet easily compared to other materials conventionally used for creating shower screens and doors. It pays to make wise choices, smart buys and informed decisions always. So, you better do.

So, if you are thinking of adding a touch of glamour to your most private space, think of glass shower screens Sydney that are simply outstanding. It’s perfect if you want to add a sense of luxury to a space that’s often overlooked in terms of style and class. Shower screens made from glass are manufactured in various styles, patterns, shapes and colours. One of the best advantages of using them is that they can be easily mixed and matched with your existing bathroom interiors and fittings.

July 2, 2013 / Palmers_Zen

Create a Kitchen Style that’s Distinctively Yours with Kitchen Splashbacks Sydney


Choose from a wide array of meticulously designed kitchen splashbacks Sydney made form glass if you want to give your kitchen the “wow” factor. One good thing about choosing glass for this purpose is that the material is an excellent choice if you would want to keep to your budget. Installation may cost a bit high but that would depend on the type of glass that you would want to purchase plus the size of the area where you want to install the glass splashbacks. In the long run, you will prove that it is indeed a cost-effective choice as glass is easy to maintain, tough, durable and long-lasting.

You don’t need to hire a professional designer if you want to redecorate your cooking area. Nowadays, it is so simple to achieve because all you have to do is browse the net and look for kitchen designs and DIY stores that carry different types of splashback materials and they could very well assist you in giving your kitchen that much needed transformation without spending a lot of money. There are a lot of DIY stores selling kitchen building materials, equipment, furnishings and accessories at very affordable prices, more so these days that many people rely on DIY stores when searching for something they need and think they can install by themselves easily like water taps, wallpapers, lighting, borders and even splashbacks. Most of these type of shops are also very openhanded on giving building and installation tips, design ideas and tons of  valuable advises to customers.

If you want to prep up your old kitchen but you have no idea of how to start doing it then it is best to consult a designer or you can look for a trusted glass company if you are sure that all you need to change is your splashback. Visit the store’s physical address if you want to find a multitude of kitchen ideas or checkout different websites of glass suppliers near you where you can view each site’s gallery.  You can opt to use colored glass splashbacks, but make sure you ask for the best type that’s designed to last. The whole lot though will be all up to your personal taste and style.

There is actually no fast or hard rule when it comes to enhancing the look and feel of your own kitchen. Say if you love large and colorful prints and patterns then you can peruse glass materials and have them laminated or printed with whatever you desire, so you can create something that will be envied by your friends. You can also opt to decorate your kitchen with basic colours and simple patterns for that understated look and feel. Designing is actually an individual’s imaginative endeavor, so feel free to do what you want. Go ahead and create a kitchen style that’s distinctively and uniquely yours with kitchen splashbacks Sydney. 





June 26, 2013 / Palmers_Zen

Get the Right Help for Your Kitchen Building or Remodeling Project from Glass Suppliers Sydney

Outstanding glass suppliers Sydney can work well with talented kitchen designers and together they can easily tell you what is suitable for your type of home, your personal taste, style, way of living as well as your budget. The beauty of choosing well-known and well-reputed suppliers is that they will also honestly tell you what to expect when remodeling your existing kitchen or building a new one. Never cheap out on your budget because chances are, you’ll get a supplier that employ workers that are not experienced enough on how to deal with all the facets of a kitchen building or remodeling project using glass materials.

BALUSTRADE43457Here’s what every homeowner should expect when planning to utilize glass to redecorate or build a brand-new kitchen. If you have the budget to pay for a designer then you have an advantage because they can put into reality your envisioned outcome. Keep in mind the financial budget must also depend on the scope of work that needs to be done. If you are remodeling your old kitchen expect for the work to last for a few weeks or months plus there will be several workers going in and out of your property. Hence, be ready to deal with the intrusion and disruption to the daily flow of your household activities.

Whatever building projects you wish to undertake, it does help to keep an open mind especially if it concerns remodeling a part of your home. It would be good to inform your family of the bothersome changes to expect. This way you can all prepare for it. It can be bothersome though if the work to be done is in your kitchen because the whole process will definitely prevent you from using your kitchen for many weeks. Expect longer construction time if plumbing and electrical works are to be included. In this case, your kitchen has to be emptied in order to give way for the type of work to be carried out.

A good glass company can provide you a timetable to let you know when your cooking area will be out of commission. They can also give you the details and specifics as to when you can utilize it before the whole process commences. Since you have decided to use glass materials for your new kitchen, it is necessary to take out all items such as appliances, china, silverware, cookware, etc. to make sure that the area is safe for workers to move and take in the materials. Unlike other types of construction, if you choose glass then you can’t expect for your kitchen space to be partially operational for you to use but you have to wait till everything is completely done.

Remodeling a kitchen is costly especially nowadays, so just imagine how much it would cost to build a new one from scratch. It is crucial to make a careful plan and decide on the right type of architectural materials to use before you make a final decision. It is also wise to first ensure that you have more than enough money to spend for this undertaking. Seek advice from professional glass suppliers Sydney, so you can be guided on the right steps to take.

June 20, 2013 / Palmers_Zen

Glass Partitioning for an Excellent and Flexible Work Setting

Design and furnish your work environment in the most unique fashion by installing glass partitioning. If you require a practical, cozy and comfortable workplace that can gracefully showcase your own luxurious personal style then you need to seek the help of a good interior decorator. He can help you create an office carefully thought out and perfected with clean, essential lines built from the finest materials.

When you want to use architectural glass panels for your office partition, it is a must to choose to work with project managers and designers who think sensitively and carefully about every nook and cranny of an office space in order to have it re-configured and furnished in a fashion that would make it a good workplace. By doing so, you create an ambiance where employees can work effectively, productively and comfortably. A workplace should be unique to keep the workers inspired and motivated.

Look for a glass company that you know you can trust to work with to find the right solution to your office partitioning requirement. It will be less stressful on your part if you can work with a professional glazier that have the skills and years of experience to be able to create a working environment that enhances the lives of your employees and more importantly facilitates and improves the processes of your business. Bear in mind that you also need to design your office space in such a way that clients and visitors will be impressed.

Glass wall

Another very important thing to take into account when looking for a glass company is to make certain that you pick one that know how to construct an office environment that you want. The firm that can offer a packaged service that extend across the entire process commencing from the designing phase, construction up to the installation phase and must also be available for alteration jobs.

Dare to utilize glass creatively in your office by shopping for the variety of decorative treatments that are now widely incorporated in toughened and laminated glass partitions. The widespread production and use of glass for architectural purposes has paved the way for creativity even in the workplace in terms of colour, shapes, films and lighting styles that focuses on how glass panels can be installed and presented in the most dramatic fashion.

Differences in contour, line and effect used in glass partitioning styles create spectacular and extraordinary effects that divide up the office space in a highly artistic and innovative way. For cost-effective partitioning method, you can also opt to have demountable dividers that you can easily move either to create another division or create more space when you need it. Most glass partitions are bespoke due to the basic functionality and work focus that is required in an office that obviously varies in terms of size, shape and layout of the space.

June 14, 2013 / Palmers_Zen

Glass Supplies Sydney and the Special Features to Incorporate in Your Home Design

The various ranges of products that you can get from reputed glass supplies Sydney shops can absolutely blend well with the rich colors and textures of Mediterranean style homes that have become very popular in architectural styling and interior design. This particular style comes from Italy, Spain and Greece but today we see a lot of structures both private and public using this type of building design and decoration with some variance between the cultures.

Spanish style could include a Moroccan effect achieved through the use of patterned tiles, wrought iron and stucco walls but look even more stunning when combined with glass panels that may be installed as windows or partitions. The Greek aesthetic transport its cues from the sea using varied hues with lots of turquoises combined with glass walls instead of the usual white plastered walls.  Deep blue as well as the crisp aqua plus a lot of earthy materials such as rustic wood beams clay tiles, terracotta and even whitewashed floors make the Italian style and Mediterranean design look stunning and become palatial in look yet has that homey feel whilst rendering an unobstructed view of the great outdoors by installing glass walls and balustrades.

You may be planning to build a grand Tuscan villa or would want to transform your old kitchen into a rustic kitchen equipped with wood burning oven and family-style glass top dining table. If so, make it a point that you spend time asking good friends and neighbours if they know a fantastic glass supplies shop in your area where you can get what you need to achieve the look that you desire. It truly pays not to cheap out on your building and redecoration plans as it is the key to find a trustworthy partner that can help make your dreams come true. You can also opt to hire a brilliant designer that’s well-skilled and reputed for creating space designs that are sensitive to the lifestyles of various clients and to the unique character of each location and space.

Irrespective of your plans for your home and site, it is always beneficial to find a partner that will and can work closely with clients with the aim to create a living or working environment that truly manifests and enhances their lifestyle. Why not consider a glass company that works directly with architects? By doing so, you can expect your chosen supplier to thoughtfully integrate your desires and that of the architectural features of your indoor and outdoor space.  Renowned glass suppliers that are based in Sydney are always professional, personable and brilliant at their job. Some of them employ brilliant designers or work with one as a partner in transforming boring spaces into a stunning oasis.

When you choose an outstanding glass supplies Sydney company; surely, you couldn’t be happier with the services provided to you that you confidently recommend them without hesitation to anyone. You would never have second thoughts of dealing with them again for your future building, repair or redecoration projects.

June 3, 2013 / Palmers_Zen

Glass Company Sydney Partners with High-Calibre Property Developers

It is rare to find a glass company Sydney that can boast of an international design practice and offer a wide range of design services whether a client demands urban design for mixed-use for luxury hotels, resorts and recreational areas to high-end residential projects, building of corporate headquarters; from conceptual to construction drawings up until design implementation and installation process.

It is always beneficial to work with a professional glass installer and manufacturer. The kind of company that has always been guided by a belief that the attribute of our surroundings definitely has a direct influence on the quality of our lives regardless of the type of space that you’re at; your own living, space, your workplace or on the public realm. In connection to this belief, it is also wise to ensure that the glass company that you are eyeing to hire or purchase your building materials from have respect and acknowledgement that architecture is and must be generated by the needs of people along with a concern for the physical context, the culture as well as the climate of the place.  Additionally, excellence of design and its successful effecting are central to their approach.

Sydney is a place where you can find a few glass companies that are into the business of glass manufacturing and installation with the aim to create a truly global practice that is firmly rooted in the communities being served whilst drawing on design talent and expertise. Companies that strongly believe that to succeed in an increasingly progressive globalized market place are truly hard to come by that is why it is vital to make a careful research before you pick which company to trust for your architectural glass needs.

Glass companies in Sydney understand that glass architecture should benefit from a contextualized effect that recognizes the cultural and environmental properties and uniqueness of a region, place or structure.  With an expert team of partners and workers, these companies have unrivalled local experience and know-how therefore they have all the right to provide advice to clients in a fashion that makes certain the advantages they get would be great and valuable. When looking for a glass company makes sure that they have a strong commitment to institute sustainable practices in communities for many years and remains as true today since the company was first established.

Fantastic glass companies will always deliver their promise to provide stunning and elegant features made from glass to any type of property whether a client is looking for style, uniqueness in design or installing glass for safety and security. And because glass is undoubtedly an aesthetically pleasing material, more and more property owners today prefer to use it whether for outdoor or indoor applications. Apart from being an ideal space building or decoration solutions, glass is sought after for its unobtrusive appeal.

Presently, not just one glass company Sydney, but a number of them is continually increasing as many businesses in the field of glass manufacturing and installation cooperate with many high-caliber property developers and local governments as well with the aim  to provide premier quality service to clients.

May 28, 2013 / Palmers_Zen

Glazier Central Coast as Experts in Contemporary Designs and Glass Artwork

Do you require frosting, glass manifestation and window films? Look for a skilled glazier Central Coast. A glazier must be a trained and licensed professional that is highly skilled at installing windows, balustrades and partitions made from glass. Look for someone who is also knowledgeable in handling and working on decorative glass and conservatories, private, public and commercial places and spaces.

A glazier can also be a specialist in a certain type of applications utilizing architectural glass materials that is why it is vital to hire one that is skilled on the type of work that you require like for instance you need a glazier that’s well experienced in window installation or a glazier that prefers to work on commercial installations or is more comfortable and adept at doing domestic glass applications. Domestic glazing jobs can be anything from restoring a pane of glass or replacing one.

If you are in search of a glazier in Central Coast, be on the lookout for some unreputed firms that will subcontract your project. Some companies do this style without the knowledge of their clients. What they do is handle the supply of the materials and outsource cheap installation crew that they can pay with cheap labour to maximize their earnings on the glass supplies that you purchased from them. Make sure you work with trusted companies that can provide you a good glazier and can also offer in-house project management, especially if the workers are required to carry out a large number of glass-fits and glazing jobs.

Central Coast is where you can find highly-skilled glaziers that you can hire on a monthly maintenance contract should you need a full-scale design execution for an out of the ordinary or high-value centrepiece  that you want to achieve for your corporate headquarters such as glazing manifestation or frosted window films, glazed screens, doors and partitions. Working with knowledgeable and experienced glass fitters will ensure that you’ll get much more than just having some boring glass manifestations and cheap looking opaque bands. You spent for that glass manifestation to impress your associates and competitors as well, so make certain that people coming into your stylish workplace don’t walk into your glazing. Glass manifestations aren’t restricted to just the commonly seen frosted appearances that are usually in white, but they can also be done in full color. You can ask your glazier about this if you are after creating stunning and dramatic visual impact in your workplace’s reception area.

Window films are clean, quick to install and cost effective.  What’s more they can be removed and replaced – a low cost way to update your office.  Glaziers can remove old glazing films and fit new ones on existing glass partitioning, windows and doors – not just for the new partitioning they install.  The current technology that is incorporated in every glass panels allows a wide range of design and styling options to be applied on them like the use of computer controlled laser cutting which makes glass materials a good medium to utilize for clients looking to reinforce corporate branding through company logos, color motif and symbols done by your chosen glazier Central Coast.

May 17, 2013 / Palmers_Zen

Glass Sydney to Render the Best Solutions

Glass Sydney has grown into one of the most renowned and esteemed real property improvement and glazing company in Australia with over 20 years experience and untainted reputation. The company has introduced to the market an ever growing assortment of architectural glass products and up until this day continues to develop new commodities to the highest standards. It is always satisfying for many customers to know that they can trust a glass company that has an unwavering commitment to produce the best products with the characteristics that mark them out in the manufacturing arena.

Savvy investors can easily find glass suppliers in Sydney, but they don’t just pick any but make sure they work with one that is known to provide the best products as well as backed up by the best customer assistance. This type of company is most sought after by individuals with impeccable tastes hence only a glass company that have dedication and attention to detail can attract customers that are willing to pay for the price of glass products that match their standards. Even architects, engineers and interior designers rely on most heavily accredited companies in the property construction and improvement industry.

An outstanding glass company is one that is also known to have been in the manufacturing business as one of the forefront of initiatives to protect end users from less conscientious suppliers. Thus if you look for a Sydney based glass company, make sure you check on their accreditations, so you can be sure that your investment is protected in every condition commencing by giving assistance once you decide on the improvements you want for your space throughout the installation phase and all the process beyond. Working with a reputed glass installation service provider will ensure you that there is somebody on-hand to listen carefully to your needs and wants and more importantly offer you advice and support.

When you request for a free, no-obligation appointment, expect for one of their representative and space improvement specialists to visit your location to discuss your plans, assess your place, take note of your special requirements, study the outcome that you would want to achieve then present recommendations for designs and styles as well as the right type of glass material to utilize that will suit your planned structure, but will respectfully leave the alternative up to you. When you reach a deal, your chosen glass company will make a comprehensive survey and after which, an inspector will corroborate the designs and options you’ve planned, check dimensions and secure planning permits if need be.

This is the beauty of working with glass Sydney because aside from making certain that your desired improvements and installations will be flawless and perfectly fit, they can also take care of other important things that you need to secure. This is because of their commitment to giving exceptional service and hassle-free project management and completion. Another value-added service is that whenever you need to contact them whether it’s to check the work schedule or confirm the delivery time concerning your orders, you’ll know who to look for and speak to.





May 13, 2013 / Palmers_Zen

Brighten Up Your Homes with Stunning Glass Partitions

When you talk about a house, you talk about a place to stay where typical construction materials are used which denote safety and the notion of having just a shelter.  Nowadays, modern architects no longer settle for standard ideas on how a shelter should look. Modern minds have recognized ideas on how a house can look homey, yet stylish, small yet classy. The luxury of style has been incorporated with the ideas using glass as a construction material which paved the way to the popularity of sandblasted, etched or laminated glass partitions that many glass suppliers in Sydney has been known for. All residential types can now enjoy the fact that glass is not partial to commercial building alone.

The glass industry has been in business for decades and with the help of modern technology it has continue to improve. With the over hundreds of glass types available in the market today the limitation of its usage from commercial to residential have been overflowing with favourable response. Glass companies have been innovating products out of this fragile material. Glass’ full potential has proven its significance.  As far as handling is concerned, specific glass types were made for specific types of fixture.

As modern designs evolve, the use of glass has been the most in demand option to make an ordinary house look beautiful and modern. Be it inside or outside the structure, glass can survive the need.  It has become a flexible material that can be installed from your door, the bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool area, balcony, windows and other areas imaginable. Each type of fixture has special installation guidelines that make it all the more durable and tough.

One popular fixture is pool fencing. On earlier times, fencing is limited to wood and cement. But due to the innovation, glass has become the popular alternative. Pool fencing is a combination of safety and security depends on each household’s needs.  Glass is a clear material which means it does not block any view; therefore watching over kids at play is trouble-free.

Another opportunity in house improvement utilizing glass as a material is the kitchen and bathroom areas.  Kitchen worktops, and splashbacks made of glass brings a sense of elegance.  After each kitchen activity, the cleaning is always an issue. But glass is one material that is easy to clean in seconds. It is also easy to maintain. No painting required so you also save money.

Small bathrooms can use a frameless glass shower enclosures to make it look more stylish. For big spaces, a framed glass door is ideal.  A glass wall is also perfect for small bedrooms where the bathroom is placed.  You can have it as a full wall that separates the bedroom and the bathroom making the area look bigger.

These are just some ideas but you can have your own plan by looking around your home and see where you want the transformation to take place.  Let your imagination and creativity explore what you think can be workable utilizing glass partitions.  Make your home look beautiful as you live in style and luxury without really spending much. Take time and talk to the experts.  Your decision can never go wrong as you talk to professional glass suppliers who can surely give your money’s worth.




May 8, 2013 / Palmers_Zen

Glass Company Sydney as Your Partner in Reinventing Your Space

Are you looking to have a portion of your home reinvented? There’s a much easier and better way of doing it by checking glass company Sydney and get all the help you need to achieve a stunning outcome.

For many homeowners with impeccable taste, the dining room is the heart of their home as it is the space where the whole family converges to share sumptuous meals whilst happy conversations and tons of laughter flow and spirits are kindled. Therefore, to them it is very essential that the dining room be both inviting, comfortable, appealing and most of all functional.

You can find a multitude of exceptionally inspiring examples from hundreds of websites that you can use as inspiration whether you want to build a customized island as your workspace whilst preparing meals for your loved ones. You can also install glass splashback, glass sliding door or windows in order to make the space bright and exude a casual, relaxed feel. Glass is the perfect material to utilize, especially for small, intimate spaces that will make the overall effect elegant and chic as well as retain an outdoorsy feel.

The use of modern architectural glass is apt for those who aspire to be bold, audacious and unafraid of showing their ingenuity and unique creativity. Carry on with your desires of reinventing your space by acquiring the services of a brilliant designer and decorator. Consider checking out glass companies that are reputed in the industry to supply you with the correct type of glass materials to use for your desired application.  Make your impressions clear when you want to exploit the effects of glass. Let your family and friends drop into an environment teeming with contrasts and quirky blend of traditional, conservative, modern, avant garde, exposed, ornate and unadorned beauty.

Toughened, tempered, etched or sandblasted architectural glass panels can efficiently mould your design ideas beyond chic and reaching to mark a kind of grandeur that you thought impossible to achieve. When it comes to home style and design, the diminutive touches can make all the difference and these seemingly trivial touch-ups are more often than not are what makes a space feel homey. If you think that investing your hard-earned money on new furnishings is something you can’t afford as of the moment, you can still freshen up the look of your space by making some changes like switching up your hardware.

Think carefully and wisely to come up with a good idea of how you can reinvent your space sans breaking the bank. Perhaps it’s high time to change up the kitchen splashback or install new windows made from glass to let more sun into your cooking space. There are many inexpensive, better and quick ways to make your space feel more modern. You also don’t have to do it all at once if you don’t have the money to splurge.  Make sure that when you are ready to upgrade a portion of your house, you’ll contact a trustworthy glass company Sydney.