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August 28, 2013 / Palmers_Zen

The Two Different Types of Glass Shower Screens Sydney

What is a shower screen? Technically shower screens enclose and trap the water in the shower area to keep the other parts of the bathroom dry. Most of us have seen hotel rooms or houses that have utilized glass shower screens Sydney in their bathrooms. Don’t they look classy and luxurious looking?


In a typical home, especially for small houses there aren’t really dividers to separate the two amenities. So when one is taking a shower, you can expect that the whole bathroom is wet. Can you imagine enclosing the shower area by a glass door to separate it from the other amenity? No matter how small your bathroom is there is a glass enclosure that will fit well. For large houses, the bath area and the toilet is usually divided either by a concrete wall or a glass wall. This is a practical add-on, and you can find different designs of these shower screens on the market nowadays. Some of the houses may have a shower stall and a bath tub all in one area but a shower screen is still needed for privacy and again avoid water spill.

Shower screens can be custom made. This means that no matter what the size of your bathroom is, there will be a shower enclosure that will suit your space. There are two types of shower enclosures. The frameless type and the framed typed.


Frameless Shower Screens

This is the most popular design which is commonly opted by minimalist and of people who have enough budgets. This gives out a much sleeker appeal especially for small shower rooms. This kind of fitting adds elegance to the whole room plus it is much easier to clean. Because it is frameless it makes the room look bigger and airy. This is also one installation that can easily be done since there is no need for other add-ons for it to serve its purpose.

Framed Shower Screens

Framed shower enclosure is another type that has the same concept as the frameless one, only that the edges are exposed. This type of fixture is suited for bigger spaces. This type when installed would usually use attachments like wall jams and sills.

No matter what type you choose, bear in mind that this installation, although expensive has a practical side too. It can add value to your home, in case you plan to sell it in the future. Also glass is easy to clean, aside from saving you the time to tidy up those messy water spills; glass will not require you to do anything special or any special cleaning aid to have its lustre back.

To know the type of shower enclosures suited for your bathroom, shop online or talk to glass installers to give you an idea. Also talking to professionals can give you an insight of how much your choice of enclosure would cost. But no matter what you choose, you have to know the advantage of having a shower screen installed and glass shower screens Sydney experts are the right people to deal with.

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