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September 5, 2013 / Palmers_Zen

Enhance the Look of Your Bathroom with Glass Fixtures by Shower Screen Installers Sydney

The popularity of installing bathroom fixtures much of a shower screen has become a trend in this modern time. Architectural designs of modern abodes have incorporated the use of glass for houses that is either newly built or a house that needs improvement. The need for this fixture has been growing in the market and a thriving factor for the glass industry that shower screen installers Sydney are very proud about. With the so many usage of glass as a construction material you will be amazed of these shower enclosures.

A residence will never miss a bathroom. It is one part of the house that can’t be left unnoticed. It is where you do your morning rituals, your grooming and where you end with a shower after a day’s work. There are a lot of bathroom fixtures available in the market today that can help a homeowner beautify this small room. And installing a shower door is one enhancement you shouldn’t miss out. The glass screen separates the shower area to keep the rest of the bathroom dry. No matter how small or big your bathroom is this fixture can be installed professionally or can be a do-it-yourself project.


Before thinking of adding glass enclosures to your shower area you have to know the type of glass fittings that will suit your lifestyle, the size of your bathroom and the type of glass door that is ideal to install. There are 2 types of glass enclosures available in the market today. The frameless glass enclosure which is ideal for small spaces and the framed glass enclosures suited for big bathrooms. Each type has a specific benefit and a special way to install. Seeking help from professional installers will make your life easier because these people know the characteristics of the product and the best way for you to understand how things will work is to consult the experts. You can invite a glass installer to visit your home and get an assessment for your bathroom for details of what is needed where and how to do things with how much. Budget is a very important factor in whatever renovation you have in mind.

Another way to help you decide if you will go for the project to enhance the look of your bathroom is to visit reputed glass manufacturers’ websites and see their past projects or samples of glass enclosures and see for yourself how ideal and classy this installation will be. Glass enclosures have a lot of benefits too aside from just adding beauty to your place. Glass is easy to clean, no need for special cleaning aid just to have its lustre back. A clean space means a healthy living. Glass enclosure can also make a small space look bigger, so check shower screen installers Sydney and get a free quote for the shower enclosure you have in mind. The professional can always do the job perfectly for you.

August 31, 2013 / Palmers_Zen

For Window Repairs Sydney It is Best to Rely on Professionals

Need to repair scratched glass on your windows? Call the best window repairs Sydney professionals even for just superficial scratches on glass as they can easily remove them. Small scratches can be one of the reasons why glass would break at one point, so no matter the scope and type of damage, it is better to have it sorted the soonest.

You may be able to buy products from hardware stores that can help remove what may seem scratches but always remember that it is worthwhile to seek professional help before you repair any scratch on the glass, so they can be checked whether they’re deep or a superficial ones. A deep scratch cannot be repaired at home. Most people try to do some DIY thing like using colourless nail polish applied thinly on the scratch and set it to dry, some use a few drops of metal polish on a cloth and polish the glass surface with it but these techniques reduce the luster of glass.

You may have tried using non-gel type toothpaste to cover the scratch since a lot of people say that once it hardens, you can just clean it with a cloth and voila scratches are eliminated. Since glass repair kits are also readily available in auto parts and most DIY stores, they are often bought by those trying to save money on expensive repair charges. But are these kits safe and easy to use? It may save you more money to just let a professional glazier manage your scratched glass because for all you know it is actually a deep crack which can cause more damages and even accidents that may hurt you, your family or staff.

If you wish to remove scratches from glass, try using the internet to make a research on how best to do it. Surely, you will find a multitude of sites offering tips and guides but you will never miss seeing a good advice of acquiring the help of a professional glass company or glazier rather than trying to do it on your own. Sometimes, the scratches are deep and are beyond repair. Never try to scrimp your budget for the repair because the truth is the only surest way out is to replace it. Also, you must take safety precautions as possible to prevent damaging your glass. Like for example if you have a glass table top, it is better to drape it with a cover to maintain its sheen and of course prevent scratches.

Whatever it is that you need to do aside from window repairs Sydney it is best to rely on professionals. By doing so will not just save you money but you can also rest assured that you are in a safe and secure environment. If you have plans of selling your home or have your space rented, it is better to check if the glass walls, fence, staircases, doors or windows are free from any type of damage.

August 28, 2013 / Palmers_Zen

The Two Different Types of Glass Shower Screens Sydney

What is a shower screen? Technically shower screens enclose and trap the water in the shower area to keep the other parts of the bathroom dry. Most of us have seen hotel rooms or houses that have utilized glass shower screens Sydney in their bathrooms. Don’t they look classy and luxurious looking?


In a typical home, especially for small houses there aren’t really dividers to separate the two amenities. So when one is taking a shower, you can expect that the whole bathroom is wet. Can you imagine enclosing the shower area by a glass door to separate it from the other amenity? No matter how small your bathroom is there is a glass enclosure that will fit well. For large houses, the bath area and the toilet is usually divided either by a concrete wall or a glass wall. This is a practical add-on, and you can find different designs of these shower screens on the market nowadays. Some of the houses may have a shower stall and a bath tub all in one area but a shower screen is still needed for privacy and again avoid water spill.

Shower screens can be custom made. This means that no matter what the size of your bathroom is, there will be a shower enclosure that will suit your space. There are two types of shower enclosures. The frameless type and the framed typed.


Frameless Shower Screens

This is the most popular design which is commonly opted by minimalist and of people who have enough budgets. This gives out a much sleeker appeal especially for small shower rooms. This kind of fitting adds elegance to the whole room plus it is much easier to clean. Because it is frameless it makes the room look bigger and airy. This is also one installation that can easily be done since there is no need for other add-ons for it to serve its purpose.

Framed Shower Screens

Framed shower enclosure is another type that has the same concept as the frameless one, only that the edges are exposed. This type of fixture is suited for bigger spaces. This type when installed would usually use attachments like wall jams and sills.

No matter what type you choose, bear in mind that this installation, although expensive has a practical side too. It can add value to your home, in case you plan to sell it in the future. Also glass is easy to clean, aside from saving you the time to tidy up those messy water spills; glass will not require you to do anything special or any special cleaning aid to have its lustre back.

To know the type of shower enclosures suited for your bathroom, shop online or talk to glass installers to give you an idea. Also talking to professionals can give you an insight of how much your choice of enclosure would cost. But no matter what you choose, you have to know the advantage of having a shower screen installed and glass shower screens Sydney experts are the right people to deal with.

August 25, 2013 / Palmers_Zen

How Glass Supplies Sydney Change the Typical to Something Classier

Glass has become one the best materials used by modern architecture. This goes for both commercial and residential construction. Glass supplies Sydney has the best partners that provide glass materials suited for any usage required. Through time, manufacturers are seeing potential in glass making it a sought after material for today’s modern construction. Glass went beyond its typical usage of just a mirror, a wine glass, a windshield etc. Its purpose has been elevated to construction.

Glass is a fragile material but with ingenuity it was toughened with different process to serve whatever and wherever purpose it is needed. Different types have been created and different technology has been involved to make it a material that is practical, classy, luxurious and elegant. Most of the time you notice glass windows, walls, staircases and canopies incorporated in the construction of hotels, coffee shops, boutique, spa parlours and other commercial establishments.

Most homeowners use glass to enhance the beauty of their houses. Typical homes can look more modern and expensive by utilizing glass in areas where you can’t imagine possible. Even for renovations or remodeling, architects will surely recommend it to be used in certain areas of the house.

The living room. A glass door is one top option if you are into enhancement. Instead of a typical wooden door, let your guests be greeted with an interesting piece. You may choose to have it clear or coloured for privacy.

The kitchen. Typically kitchen will just have tiled work table and walls. Using glass is one practical choice as your kitchen needs to be clean all the time.

The bathroom. Do away with shower curtains and change it to shower glass enclosures. It will make a smaller bathroom look bigger plus it ensures a neat space with no water splashes.

The patio. A glass baluster is one nice scene from afar. Instead of using wood or steel for your patio, why not think of glass and achieve that classy feel.

The swimming pool. Pool fencing is one installation you must have. It is for beauty, enhancement and most especially for safety.

These are just some glass usages that have been made available in the market today. To get more knowledge on each fixtures take time to visit online stores and glass companies so you get more ideas on where to use them in case you are thinking of constructing a new home or renovating your current residence. If you leave in a condominium apartment that does not mean no project is in store for you because there is and there will be. All the do’s and don’ts of the glass market is based on the hands of the people behind glass supplies Sydney. They are the best people to deal with and with their reputed craftsmanship deciding to use glass as a construction material can never be a bad option. So don’t waste time. Change the typical to something classier.

August 20, 2013 / Palmers_Zen

Know More about Glass Fences from Outstanding Glass Suppliers Sydney

For homeowners who have a swimming pool they prefer the area enclosed and the usual reason is for safety. There are certain safety requirements for some countries that needs to be observed and one of those is pool fencing. And the most common material used is glass. People just need to know the benefits of a glass pool fence by talking to a specialist. Make sure that you deal with one of the well-known glass suppliers Sydney.

Most homeowners made a decision to install a glass fence as an add-on to their pool landscape design. Who will not think of such when glass can indeed offer a cool look to a lawn and a stylish view to the whole property? Pool area really needs to be safeguarded especially for kids. A 24/7 security can’t be provided by parents and an alternative way is to secure an unsafe place like the pool. Since glass is a transparent material nothing can destruct your view from afar. So you can make sure you see your kids while they play.

ID-10034143Glass fencing is also ideal for small pool installation like a spa pool. Outdoor spa pool can utilize this type of fencing not only for privacy but also for safety. A glass railing surrounding your spa pool can be a great add-on. This is a convenient type of installation especially for people living in an apartment building or condominium. And because glass is easy to clean, you won’t have to keep a high end maintenance team to do it for you.

Glass can also serve as a windbreaker. The type of fencing required for pools or for other exterior fencing has been tough and tested to withstand the test of time and can survive through all weather conditions. Wood or steel can wither through time. Wood can rot and steel will corrode. But glass is one material that is low and practical in terms of maintenance. The type of glass for fencing is the thick types of glass to ensure durability.

Glass fences are not only made from high quality glass, they are also easy to install. Some types of these fences can installed by yourself. But to ensure you get quality installation, material and service, talk to people who knows why glass is the best option for pool fencing. So if you are ready for that project and in order for you to make a valuable deal, go to manufacturers that will help you with everything you need to understand about the material.

The benefit of glass pool fencing is not just for the purpose of safety but it has a lot more to offer, especially if you choose to work with one of the outstanding glass suppliers Sydney. Do your research.  If you are a new swimming pool owner no matter how big or small your installation is, glass will always fit any fencing project. Glass makers have innovatively thought of making one material push its limits in terms of usage. So see for yourself why most people choose this type of fencing and what makes the material so popular nowadays.

August 15, 2013 / Palmers_Zen

Separate Your Space Flawlessly with Glass Partitioning

Glass is an important accessory when it comes to construction and decoration. Moreover, utilizing glass partitioning can increase the style factor of homes, offices and commercial establishments. There are many different classes of glasses that can be utilized for both interior and exterior applications hence if you want to use this versatile material for beautifying your own space, you can do so easily.

When you want to take advantage of the many benefits that glass partitions can render, such as dramatically reducing your energy bills as well as maximize your space, it is very significant to look for glass installation experts who have extensive experience in changing the interiors as well as exterior spaces regardless of the type of structure and the scope of work to be done.  Industry leaders in the field of glass manufacturing, dealership and servicing are reputed for their unique ideas and innovations as well as the superb quality of the product they create. They are known to produce glass materials that are extremely durable. Glass partitions indeed has a great role in the building and designing field.

Today, majority of builders, designers, architects, decorators and property owners prefer to use glass partitions as it presents many advantages apart from giving a space a modern feel and stylish flair whilst allowing having your much needed privacy at the same time. Partitions formed from sturdy glass panes  not only separate your space flawlessly but this versatile item will also let you add interest and texture to a room as there is almost an endless selection of glass types that are available for you to choose from such as textured, beveled and colored or just the clear glass panels. Whichever type you choose or prefer to combine several types will reflect your personal taste and style.

Glass partitions provide a sophisticated as well as uncomplicated solution to dividing a room in a down-to-earth but functional method. If you think and feel you need to change the look of your home or office space, consider using glass if you want to make the area look even more inviting and refreshing. Depending on your specifications and preferences, the company that you inked a deal with will plan, design, manufacture, set-up and install the partitions.  However, it is indispensable that the advice of a professional glazier is sought to ensure that there won’t be any problems later on.


The vibrant collection readily available on the market these days can be utilized depending on the décor and look that you desire to achieve. There are also quality printed glass sheets that can be another option to consider. These glasses are extremely popular and are available in a wide range of styles. You can also have yours customized or have your favourite image printed for your glass partitioning. If you want to be different then glass is the perfect material to invest on for your space beautification project. Let your individuality sparkle by means of using this flexible material.



August 5, 2013 / Palmers_Zen

Home Renovation Suggestion with Glass Partitions

Walk all over town and see beautiful structures on both commercial and residential buildings. Most of these establishments are adorned by walls made of glass from ceiling to floor. Glass partitions are common ornament mostly used in commercial buildings. Some of the offices, condominium units, and local stores make use of glass as part of their wall or mostly the wall itself for an impressive facade. You can also add that marvel and grandeur in your own home. Here are some suggestions on how glass walls can add beauty to your house.

Ÿ  The Kitchen – If you want to implement this architectural design into your home that is never impossible. You can create and recreate room in your house if you are planning a renovation and instead of using the usual material like wood, utilize glass as a replacement.  Here are some suggestions on how you can use glass as partition in your own residence.  A glass wall can be a distraction either in full wall or just half of the space needed. You can choose to have that glass wall stained for added privacy.

Ÿ  The Bathroom – Your bedroom bath could be just adjacent to the sleeping area. So where you sleep and where you bath would seem to be just one space. How about removing that wall that separates the bedroom itself and replace it with glass. That way your view of the bedroom and the bath will be in one room creating a much bigger space. A choice of a coloured glass will give you the privacy you need.

Ÿ  The Staircase – Grand staircases can sometimes be magnified by glass. Instead of installing normal railings, the material can be used as wall on your stairwell no matter how many steps it has.

Ÿ  Creating a Room – Have a room built with glass for say a private living room which isolates noise from the outside. You may have a small TV room that can be enclosed with nice coloured glass walls for your private viewing.

There are a lot of concept that manufacturers can offer to help you decide which needs to be replaced and what to install where. With these ideas there should be no shortcuts. You have to meticulously check for the right contractors and installers to aid you with the planning and installing. Talking with the experts is always the best option. The glass manufacturing business has been a successful industry and is still thriving due to demands. Through the years glass was made tougher for certain purpose beyond its usual usage. From mirrors, to glass wines, to car mirrors, innovation transformed glass into a perfect material for construction.

Contact only the best glass manufacturers in Sydney to help you with your plan. Aside from their installation services, they can also provide you with suggestions, concept, and quotes so you would know where to start. Glass partitions workers are craftsmen who work efficiently and can be trusted with quality work. So look around your residence and picture where you want that glass wall installed. Imagine how beautiful your home will be and how a grand wall can add value class and a touch of luxury to a once simple abode.

July 31, 2013 / Palmers_Zen

Glaziers Sydney for Stress-free Home Repairs

Renovating your home may take too much of your time thinking, planning, conceptualizing and saving for the expenses. Repairs are expensive and therefore there should be no time and money to waste. The thought of repairs does not end once the construction begins. Imagine people coming in and out of your house? To ensure efficiency on the project, glaziers Sydney can help you with the planning to rightfully spend within your budget. Thinking about your own concept can be the start and the affordability of this undertaking.

Creating a new feel for your home is an exciting thought especially if you are involved in the process. Glazing companies are the rightful resource to get ideas when it comes to repairs either for a new installation or new construction. If you will not have time for supervision, you have to make it clear during the initial planning what you wanted to happen where. This way, your idea is what you will see once the repair is done. However, you still need to check your workers to make sure everything is going well as discussed. You may see things that needs to be altered or a going job that you don’t like at all. You don’t want to regret in the end so overseeing the job on process is another contribution you have to give despite your busy workloads.

But if you are considering the help of professionals, there will be less stress along the way. Services offered by glazing companies will guarantee satisfaction. These reputable companies will make sure to give back your money’s worth with the efficiency on their service. With their experience on home improvements, these professionals are not only after profit but they care for their customers and value their clients the way they give their service. They only employ well-trained workers to do the job for you. Therefore you can expect a smooth transformation from day to day.

Supervisions are also being handled by top glazing companies to see that the daily job is being done as accurate as possible and to ensure that no accidents happen. These people know exactly what to do for any home transformations and how it should happen. They are also generous in giving out suggestions without altering your whole concept or without charging you extra.  You can check out some websites to get free quotes and also ideas that will make the decision making much easier for you.

These companies have goals too. And that is to keep a customer and gain another through their current jobs. They will not jeopardize their reputation for a mediocre type of service. They live up to specific standards which is the reason why they stay long in the business. Aside from their knowhow and technique, they work with ethics. Communication is also very important to make sure the quality workmanship is there and all requirements needed are met within target. Talk to reputable glaziers Sydney to make sure that the job is finished on time and hassle free.

July 26, 2013 / Palmers_Zen

How Glass Suppliers Sydney Became a Part of Australia’s Top Performing Post Codes

Glass suppliers Sydney are very much a part of Australia’s top performing post codes where luxurious accommodation places are situated. Most of these structures are built from toughened safety architectural glass materials.

You will surely be spoilt for choices when you go online and look for luxurious accommodation places in Sydney as almost all types not only look stunning but most do feature stylish interior designs, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, boast of carefully planned outdoor recreation areas outfitted with swimming pools, garden and playground areas, jogging trails and barbecue spaces. How would you like to stay in a high-rise condominium or apartment building with glass walls that allows you to enjoy the sights and scenes from early morning to midnight? Glass is the new favourite of property builders and property owners, so when you search for a home away from home, you can be sure that there are lots available for you to choose from in this side of the globe that are available for rent in any duration.

Your Guide to Locatiing the Best Glass Suppliers Sydney

Sydney is where you can easily find outstanding glass suppliers that are also trusted by modern property builders commissioned to build spaces that are ideal for corporate and business travelers, holiday makers, visiting academics and those looking for a chic living space in the midst of the central business place styled to present an effortless and comfortable experience located in the area of your choice. The shift towards using architectural glass panels in building both private and public spaces shows little sign of decelerating in the near future. In fact, many professionals in the building industry forecast a dramatic rise in just a year as green building is the in thing these days.

You can find so many exciting hotspots built with the help of reputed glass suppliers.

You can find newly-built accommodation apartments, condominiums, hotels, restaurants near Victoria Square, Hurtle Square or Light Square even shopping places and boutiques that are elegantly styled. You will notice that there are numerous newly-built and redecorated spaces in Central Market Rundle Mall and Topham Mall where most holiday makers visit and talk about the points of interest and famous landmarks.

Picking the right glass supplier can be a bewildering and a very intimidating procedure. Fantastic builders know the secret on how to select one and partner with them in building different types of edifices. For these great builders, contractors and architects, their choice will need to be based on a number of factors that needs to be assessed carefully in order for them to find a supplier that fits their specifications.

When choosing glass suppliers Sydney, reliability is key. It is vital to determine how long the company has been operating. You can request for recommendations or previous installations records and photographs. The more satisfied customers a glass supplier have, the better. Product quality is also vital to consider, so make sure that you work with one that can give warranties that factually states specific remedy such as repair or replacement in the event that the product you have purchased fails to meet the quality indicated.

July 18, 2013 / Palmers_Zen

Glass Partitioning: Enjoy the Outdoors in Your Stylish Relaxing Retreat

Outdoor fun is undoubtedly exciting and most definitely what most people love to enjoy regardless of season. And what better way to enjoy fun filled and relaxing moments outdoors than with your family and friends? But no one wants to spoil the fun because of uncooperative weather or be out during a scorching hot weather or get wet in the rain. It is always nicer to savor bonding moments with your partner, kids or friends whilst enjoying the beauty of your surroundings. Why not build an outdoor entertainment area using glass partitioning? This way, you are protected from dust, rain, heat and the best part is you have an unobstructed view so you can still see and enjoy your surroundings.

Australians love the outdoors but because of their hectic schedules and budget constraints, many have opted to use their backyard space and have their own gorgeous relaxing retreat. You, too, can transform your yard into a relaxing retreat by building a thatched hut with glass partitions. You can opt to design it yourself or look for an inspiration online. You will surely be amazed at the mesmerising elegance glass teahouses built in the middle of beautiful gardens and pool areas. Build your very own unique structure that’s perfect for outdoor parties, your family’s outdoor dining or weekend cookouts and a place where you can have a peaceful rest and relaxation amongst the elements of nature.

If you are keen to have one in your property, you can ask for referrals from friends or relatives whom you know have an outdoor relaxation space constructed in their premises. If you desire to use glass partitions for your home addition, you must pick a reputed builder. This is a project that entails careful study and planning. Hence, you must not hurry for the reason that it is crucial to make a decision only after thoroughly thinking of your reasons for creating this type of structure in your property. By taking time in doing careful planning and looking for a trusted designer and builder, you can be sure that your outdoor haven will be constructed according to your purpose, needs and wants.

Marvel at the plethora of styles, designs, forms and appeals of outdoor tea rooms featured online and choose the one that you think will complement the beauty of your garden or back yard. Whatever type of structure you pick, you will be able to provide your invited guests unmatched comfort. Another good thing about these outdoor huts and tea rooms made from glass is their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. This is the reason why you need to choose a trustworthy architectural glass dealer or builder to ensure that the materials used for building your outdoor recreation room are first rate. Glass partitioning can be a bit expensive but at least you know that you are spending your hard earned money on something that’s well worth it, especially if you purchase them from a trustworthy glass company.